Wedding Wednesday – Save The Date Etiquette

We have had the pleasure of working with some terrific brides. One of the first things we see and are asked about when first meeting with our brides, is about the Save the Dates. “Should we get cards, magnets, or what about Postcards? When should we send them out? Do I need to include the wording “and guest” when addressing them?”

We are going to answer these questions and provide a little guideline and etiquette to have when starting to prepare your save the dates!

First things first, When should you send out save the dates, and why you should send them at all.


Save the Dates have become increasingly popular in wedding stationery. Destination weddings and three day weekend weddings have set the standard for sending save the dates. As a courtesy to your guests, especially out of towners; Save the Dates provide them with ample amount of time to plan accordingly to come celebrate with you.

For destination weddings, the normal time frame to send out save the dates is up to eight months before the big day. This allows guest to have time to make arrangements, ask off of work if need be, find flights, and figure out accommodations.  With a normal wedding ceremony and reception; typically six months before is the best time to send out save the dates to family and friends.


Next we will talk about theme. The theme of your save the dates is where you can really have fun. You can coordinate them to match what invitations you are wanting, or you can go completely unique and make them something as different and unique as possible. We have seen a wide variety of save the dates in our field and while we do love the uniqueness of some, we love the magnets, cards and postcards the best!

No matter what theme you are looking to go for, all save the dates have key wording elements they must include:


*Names of couple getting hitched

*It should state the fact that you are getting married (some people may think it’s a regular party invite)

*Date of the Wedding

*Location of the wedding (City and State, or Country)

* The words “Formal invitation to follow”


A Save the Date wording No No is putting where the couple is registered at on the save the date or invitation. In our field we see this a lot, and if you are going by the rules of etiquette, putting the registry on the save the date or wedding invitation is considered rude.  Now, we are here just to inform and give you a guide, so if you want to include your registry then by all means it is your day to do what you wish! :)



Save the Dates are the first impression your wedding has on your guests. If you want them to be aware of how formal it is expected to be, the wording you use when you address your guests envelopes plays a huge factor. If you are planning an informal ceremony and reception you can address the envelopes using first and last names. If you are stepping it up to more of a formal affair you would need to include Mr or Mrs. This gets lots of respect points for your older generation that will attend with this type of addressing.

When addressing the names, Guests who are allowed a plus one can get kind of tricky. Normally the bridal party is allowed a plus one along with anyone who has a spouse, fiancé, or have been in a relationship for over a year. Once again it is your big day, so If you want to have any of your friends and family to bring a plus one make sure you write “And Guest” after their names on the envelope.

When you send out save the dates to your guests, make sure you are hitting everyone who is expected to be there as well as family and friends you would like to come. Even though your bridal party should know they are supposed to be there, out of respect they should receive a save the date.

Hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions over wording etiquette please do not hesitate to get a hold of us! :)


The PaperSnaps Crew

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Make It Over Monday- Graduation Party Invitations


Graduating from High school is a big step towards adult-hood for seniors. One of the last high school experiences they will get to cherish is their graduation party. Here at PaperSnaps, we have had the pleasure of working with some amazing graduates who want that last personal touch of “the teenage years” in their graduation invitations. We have also worked with some who are so excited for the next step in life that they want the sophistication of adult hood represented in their invitations. No matter what your style is, graduation parties are a huge hit. It is like the last hurrah of high school. Get your family and friends together to celebrate your seniors accomplishments. Let your seniors know how proud they have made you. A party does not have to be a big blow out, even a tiny personal affair would make any teen blush.

Congratulations to all our seniors and we wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors in life!!!

Thank you for letting us be a part of your story! :)

With Love,

The PaperSnaps Crew




Designs starting from the top and left to right:

Elegant Flags Graduation Announcement 

Simple Seal Graduation Announcement

Vintage Initial Graduation Announcement

Large Numbers Graduation Announcement






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Wedding Wednesday! All About That Marsala



We had the pleasure of joining in on an open house for The Gallery Event Space in downtown Kansas City. When the theme was decided on, I immediately was giddy! Pantone’s color of the year had won us over!

Every year, Pantone comes out with the color of the year. This year it was decided that the color is Marsala. Pantone said it best when describing this color as “a naturally robust and earthy wine red”!

Marsala is a wonderful addition to a wedding. The color is perfect as a head liner, or even as an accent. The seductive shade draws you in to its embracing warmth, and adds a pop of wildness!

Check out pictures from the open house below!

MarsalaGalleryOpenHousepanel1-01 MarsalaGalleryOpenHousepanel2-01 MarsalaGalleryOpenHousepanel3-01 MarsalaGalleryOpenHousepanel4-01


A big “Thanks” to all the vendors we had the pleasure of working with for this open house!


Venue- The Gallery Event Space

Flowers- Beco Flowers

Cake- Shannon Bond Cakes

Entertainment/DJ – Platinum KC 

Stationery – PaperSnaps

Photography – Tracy Routh Photography

Decor & Planning: Simple Elegance   – Ultrapom Event Rentals

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Make It Over Monday – Wedding Programs



As guests come to enjoy the joining of two hearts at a wedding, one way to make them feel included is to have wedding programs.

Wedding programs act as a timeline and the guide through the events of a ceremony. They help guests know what is going to happen and when to celebrate. Programs not only keep as a record of your big day, but they often introduce the people who helped make your big day happen.

One way to make your programs pop and add some fun to the day is by adding pictures or even a word search!

For wedding programs, there are several options and really the sky is the limit. One of our favorite programs, are our Wedding Flip Book Programs!

They add just the right amount of pop with pictures! With our flip books you can add more text and customize them to fit your needs!

Go ahead, add a picture here, a crossword there, a fun connect the dots illustration everywhere! (just kidding, that would be a lot of dots!!!)

Don’t be afraid to be different! It is your big day, so do what you want to do! :) Let everyone see how special your love is by incorporating your personalities into your wedding stationery!

To see more of our wedding program flip books, click this link. 

Credits: Flip book Wedding Programs / PaperSnaps, Wedding Word Search Puzzle /  via Allie Shellaway. 

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Wedding Wednesday! – Sweet Romance


As it nears closer to the most romantic day of the year, we found some inspiration for our hopeless romantic brides and grooms out there.

Instead of trying to decide what day of the year is perfect for your big day, let the day find you! Valentine’s Day is a spectacular day to say “I Do”.

With such a rich palette of color, a Valentine’s day wedding is sure to provide a great “WoW” factor.  Rich reds and an array of pink shades will look stunning when matching a gold accent or the gray of the grooms tux.

To add a little twist, we LOVE how this stylish bride made purse bouquets for her bridesmaids!

Follow our Valentine’s inspired pink wedding – Sweet Romance board for more ideas!

Photo Credits: (from top) Sweet Southern Floral Invitation Suite / PaperSnaps ,  table setting | photo by ryon lockhart, event design by poppy and plum events via style me pretty, blooms in a felt pouch | photo by alea lovely via swooned magazine, strapless gown with emboidered bodice / ullamaija , photo by alea lovely via swooned magazine,  pink bow tie | photo by pasha belman via southern weddings, flowers / amy cason of victorian garndens, via swooned magazine, photo by alea lovely.

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