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Celebrate Mother’s Day with Fantastic Gifts

Yes, spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.  This means so many things, but topping our lists of important meanings: it’s time for Mother’s Day!

Mom’s are very special people.  And at PaperSnaps, we like to celebrate them any chance we get!  We have come up with a list of Mother’s Day gifts we think any mom would be thrilled to receive this Mother’s Day.  First on our list is Personalized Stationery.  Mom’s are great about hand writing thank you notes as well as sweet notes for kids’ lunches, so help them do it in style with their very own flat or folded stationery! Another great item guaranteed to put a smile on any mom’s face this Mother’s Day are Personalized Notebooks.  The notebooks are great for recipes, daily notes, or to be used as a personal journal.  By adding a personal photo to the cover, the notebooks become a very special and personalized gift!  Another option moms will love are Mommy Cards.  Moms are the CEO of our families so why not give them their very own Mommy Cards!  We know that moms are busy and Mommy Cards make trading information with other parents super easy (and hey, they look cool too!)

No matter what PaperSnaps gift moms receive this year, each will light up her smile, fill her heart with joy, remind her how important she is, and most importantly show her just how much she is loved!  For more Mother’s Day gift ideas head over to the PaperSnaps Pinterest page.

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Artistic Style Graduation Announcements

Have a graduate who has a love of arts or an artsy style? Celebrate them and their unique style with an artistic style graduation announcement from PaperSnaps! Choose from either the Vertical Stripe or Bracket Borders Graduation Announcement to please your artsy graduate!

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Classic Graduation Announcments

Know of a graduate who has a classic style? Celebrate them and their style with a classical style graduation announcement from PaperSnaps! The Decorative Lines Graduation Announcement, Modern Medal Graduation Announcement and the Classic Monogram Graduation Announcement are guaranteed to please your classic styled graduate this year!

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Contemporary Graduation Announcements

Have a graduate with a contemporary style? Celebrate them and their success with a contemporary graduation announcement from PaperSnaps! The Letter Cut-Outs Graduation Announcement and the Stripes & Script Graduation Announcement with be a perfect fit for your graduate and will allow them to make their special truly their own, by celebrating in their style!

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Traditional Style Graduation Announcements


Banners, flags, and scrolls…All mean one very important thing…It’s time for graduation!  If you are celebrating a graduate this year and want to include all of the glorious symbols that represent graduation start with your announcements!  The Classic Banner Graduation Announcement and the Elegant Flags Graduation Announcement from PaperSnaps both have an elegant feel and will announce your graduate in classic style!

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